Not this Sunday !!!!

So this morning I woke up … or rather two crying kids woke me up … considering I hardly slept the night before due to their “waking up to disturb mummy” tag team match 😳….. lol …….

As I was saying…. I woke up this morning … and felt extremely tired…. but considering today is Sunday my mind just kept on screaming …”wake up…. u need to get ready for church”….

However my body wasn’t cooperating…… at allllll!!!!!!…..I tried mentally moving my body….. but omo(nigerian slang)……body wasn’t having it …loll… it was too tired to move … …. plus when I looked at baby number one coughing and sneezing …. and so was baby number two…😩😩 , that quickly convinced my head to switch to lazy mood like my body😴😴😴😴

As a mum, you feel helpless when you see your child(ren) ill…… either from a little cough/ cold…… to something very serious …for me when I see any of my babies ill i wish that illness is transferred to me because I hate to see any of them suffer in any way…

About 2 years ago when my baby had to have an MRI scan done, they had to put her to sleep for that to happen …. I was in a state of shock because something that was meant to be a simple procedure turned out to be something else(story for another day 😲)….. That episode… “shook” my inner core …. as in ……I experienced fear, faith, sadness, joy, anger all at the same time ( needless to say I wasn’t myself because I felt so helpless)……

There was one thing though that kept me sane which was PRAYER…..because that was/ and is the only thing I know to do when I am faced with circumstances I can’t control… plus there was a particular couple who held my hand and prayed with me …..(Gen and Pat… if you get to see this post…. thank you for your words and prayers)

We all want our kids to thrive, to be happy, to be healthy. We all make different choices about how our kids are born, how we feed them, how much screen time they have, where they go to school, but at the end of the day, our goals as parents are the same.  We really just want the best for them. Therefore … why not take time out and be there for a mum/dad who needs encouragement concerning an issue with their child(ren)…

Today….I stand with you in prayer concerning your child(ren)…… that the hand of God will continue to be over their lives… I speak divine health over each and every child …. I speak healing in the life of any child who might be ill… and command divine healing in Jesus name …. Amen ….

If you don’t have kids … I pray this prayer over your friend(s) and love ones …. Amen

Have a Fabio Sunday peeps …. and as I would normally say ….. more rant to come 😘😘

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