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Success is inevitable…It is going to happen PERIOD!!!

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was” – Muhammad Ali

Last Sunday after my church service I got chatting with a number of people and one particular person was Mr Greg Langola……..

You know a person has so much wisdom in them when just by saying one sentence various triggers set off different explosions in your mind….. well MY mind in this case……. loll

I initially started talking to Greg about a visual project which I am about to embark on (watch this space)……… and we just got talking about what it means to experience LIFE!!!!…. REAL LIFE……. not the pretend one some of us hide behind (loll talking to SELF here… MYSELF that is) because WE are sometimes afraid to face OUR REALITY……. (OMO men fear na bad thing!!!)- *in my Sapele  accent* 🙂

The main thing I took away from our conversation was when Greg said to me …..“success is inevitable”……. “it is going to happen PERIOD!!!!!” and boy!!!!!! that got me thinking about so many things…..I just could not shut up!!!!! My hubby had to distract me with food, as food was the only thing that was going to shut me up….. (loll… come on now….. we all have our weakness) – *Please see attached VLOG Post below*

There’s a well-known self-exploration question that goes, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” It’s a way to help people shine a light on their dreams…. which coincidentally references to my visual project titled “Elevate the light by putting it on a lamp stand”…(inspired by my pastor’s messages on VISION).

When it comes to acting on OUR dreams/ vision /gifts/talents…… and taking  those dreams/ vision /gifts/talents……. back to the real world, too many of us default to a negative response.

WE look at OUR dreams and say, “I can’t do that,” or, “That’s not possible,” or, “I’ll just fail anyway, so why bother trying?”                   >>>>>>>> *hands in the air saying ***can i get a witness somebody***… … high five your neighbour and shout halelu!!!(spelt as pronounced heheh)…. *Gosh man…. I spend too much time in church… hehehehe*…. only playing guys…… ONLY JOKING!!!!

Now look here……. Of course, if that’s what WE believe, odds are  what WE believe will  turn it into the truth.

Now what if WE flip the script……. and WE changed that habit? What if  WE defaulted to the positive instead?  what do you recon……? Will that make any difference?

Granted, in the REAL world ……’s not the kind of thing that changes with the flick of a switch/ by just saying it, but however it can be done.

I hear you ask How?…………. Gurllll(in the best american accent I can FAKE… lol)……… I am asking MYSELF the ….HOW question as well… loll…. (believe me when I say life is a journey…. which I am still learning as I go along)

Ok!!!!.. come on MAMIE…. be positive ….lolll……ok peeps ….let’s try this …. why don’t WE  try and train OUR brains to replace that negative response with one of possibility and potential.

Now let us engrave this in Our  brains: Next time I find MYSELF looking at a dream and thinking, “That’s not possible,” I will turn that thought around and Tell MYSELF: “Success is inevitable.”

Now come with ME let USProve it!!!!!…….. 

“Teach me to do your will,for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me on level ground.” (Ps. 143:10; HCSB)

More rant to come peeps xoxox


Shout out to MR GREG LANGOLA…… you inspire me SIR!!!!!!… check out his website @ 

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