I have got the know- *onthe* ledge….

I have got the know- *onthe* ledge….

Ideas do a marathon in my head. 20….., 30….., no a million of them all trying to cross the finish line….. The pace of the race has been fast right from the first minute…. The race is only mid way… But oo so intense I tell you….. I can hardly contain myself….Woww!!!! Some ideas are enormous.. Which makes me ask…Will it survive the storm…Will it survive the race and claim the prize??…. Whilst others are so tiny, i feel they might be crushed on the way….. lord I pray …keep them safe so they can withstand the difficult rain…..

This must be done.., each idea will be born….. From infancy to adulthood it will experience God’s favour….. It will touch peoples hearts…. It will transform lives. it has been set aside for greatness …. Set aside for victory … Set aside to show the world why to be in God’s will is a done deal

It is a bit overwhelming ….. To have such gifts and talents… Each day I am amazed on how God created me and gave me all these capabilities that just thinking about it all is mind blowing.

I struggle to find time to exploit it ….i struggle to give it my all….. but I will not let God down….by not using it at all… that will be cruelty ….. cruelty to the highest order.

It will be done…. It shall be done…. It has to be done

What gifts and talents do you have? Do not waste it…. Exploit it….. Improve on it…. Exposé it…. Set it free!!!!!!! And watch how every stage of your life will be transformed

Train stop *work* loll ….Happy Friday lovely people

More rant to come xxxx


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