Dreams do come true..hmmm


Her name was Dominique,

A girl I met with an accent so unique

I swear I smelt on her…. that fragrance which they call Clinique

On her blue jacket which I think was made from batik

 I told her my name was Veronique

A tall girl all the way from Mozambique

She said.” nice to meet you Veronique..

love your sense of fashion.. it is so Chic and so very Mystique..

Would you mind going with me to that non- Greek boutique”

I was like.. ”sure, but I must warn that I can be such a fashion freak..

When set loose in that non-Greek boutique”

She laughed… Saying “O My dear …dear Veronique

You are such a beautiful devoted fashion styled geek

Please can I employ you and your fashion styling technique?

To pick me a piece from that non-Geek boutique”

I want it to say… Hey look there goes… Dominique…

Where has she been hiding that so fine chic physique”.

I replied.. “Sure thing Dominique,

With my Fab styling technique.. You shall get not ONE fashion critique,

because I OWN that non- Greek boutique……


Hahhahaah… my lunchtime blog …special… plotting how I will…

 OWN a fashion house called   DStudio Inc…Boutique………hahahah….


Fashion styled properly…  should spell out.. “Hey look  …I am so unique

Not dull and horrible looking .. Hiding your o so Fab!!! Physique…


Ps— I used Non-Greek because it follows better.. No offence intended… hmmm

More rant to come xxx

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